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Understanding a full picture of your finances will help you have a better plan for your future and ensure your life is secured financially.

We provide you the PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE and TOOLS that you DID NOT LEARN from the school.

  • Managing your finance

  • Investing your money smartly

  • Planning for your retirement

  • Giving you an aged care advice related to the aged care options and fee. 

  • Making a financial plan for your big decision (having a child, buying a new home, important event which requires a large budget)

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Ravi R. (System Analyst, 50)

"My wife and I have had a tailor made Financial Coaching Plan done by Jennifer Tran and so happy with every minute of the service. Jennifer is such a lovely and warm person that we felt comfortable with. She really helped explain everything from top to bottom in simple terms. Jennifer helped layout a very good and accurate plan setting our goals which has already started savings us heaps of dollars. Jennifer has turned out to be our Angel and so glad she is there backing us up now as we feel much more confident about our financial affairs now that we have boarded her. Thanks Jennifer and JEN Wealth Management for all that you do!!!".

 Janet N. (Retired Scientist, 67)

"I had a retirement planning coaching session with JEN Wealth Management and the sessions were absolutely helpful. After the coaching sessions, I found that my concerns disappeared and I am very comfortable thinking that my retirement income would be sufficient for me for the rest of my life. Especially, I found that JEN Wealth Management has its own way to help people by explaining in detail the factual calculations and offering me assistance even after the coaching sessions are completed. This is definitely a lifetime relationship with a client that I have been searching for. "

Maika N. (Branch Manager, Education Consultancy, 39)

Dear Jennifer,

I am a woman who haven't got idea about investment before, except saving money in bank account. Fortunatetly, I found and had chance to join your financial coaching sessions, so I have realised the importance of investment and personal financial control as well as many kind of income sources. 

Many thanks for your detailed and helpful coaching and mentoring sessions, I have set my own financial plan for my family and being implemented it.

Wishing all the best to you and your project,


Cohwyn C. (Electrician, 22) & Cammy T. (Graphic Designer, 23)

Thank you very much for your help with answering all questions that we asked regarding personal finance and setting up new business. 

 Linh T. (Australian University Lecturer, 36)

I have joined a Smart Investor Coaching Program by JEN Wealth Management and so far I feel very lucky to be able to study and learn how to invest. The coaching sessions are very detailed and easy to understand, there are many useful and practical information about investing that I have learned from JWM but no where else.  

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