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Indecisive? Should I sell or keep my investment property?

Updated: May 30, 2021

People do make mistakes in property investing. Why are others successful? Do they have more money than me? Are they smarter? Since COVID-19 hit the world economy, every country's economy has suffered from a significant downturn. In Australia, we have witnessed one of the biggest stock market crashes in February - April 2020. The property market followed the market crash and house prices declined significantly. However, as the stock market picked up following by the COVID-19 vaccine news, property outpaced the overall economy at an incredible rate. In many areas, investment properties were sold at very high prices while other areas were staying still and even declined. The tough question raised by many property investors is whether they should keep or sell their current properties or put their capital into better performing investment properties. Critical thinking is playing an important role here.... Is my current property profitable? How do you know if your current property is profitable? What criteria do you need to take into account when analysing. In the recent market, people are only buying and selling property without proper analysis in the property investment. Just like when investing in shares, you are doing some little research and investing in shares, and you hope that the price is going up. And you believe that the property market is somewhat safer. It is not. The property market and shares are classified as growth assets which carry substantial risks You should know if your current property is profitable or is going to be profitable at some point in the future. And you should be able to make critical decisions to sell or keep your current property based on the Profit/Loss analysis. DO NOT MAKE DECISIONS JUST BASED ON WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING. DON'T FOLLOW THE HERD. Having an ability to analyse property investment is certainly rewarding. And having a built-in model which can help you to analyse is absolutely essential. To smartly identify property investment opportunities and stop making property investment mistakes, you need some key knowledge in real estate and financial skills. With our Property Investment Coaching, you will be guided through the key areas that you need to focus on when making property investment decisions. You will be taught to analyse any property investment by yourself with our most powerful tool. At the end of the course, you will be entitled to own a copy of the built-in model for your private use. We guarantee that you will find our coaching sessions very helpful to your property investment journey. Contact us today to organise coaching sessions and be surprised with what we can help you with.

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