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Overconfidence and Investment Outcome

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Overconfidence is one of the investment decision-making enemies. The overconfidence can lead people to make a wrong decision when believing that their investment will definitely or highly likely to produce the best potential income. Why are so many successful investors while many others failed? What can investor do to avoid this common mistake? What are successful and unsuccessful investors doing with their investment? And why understanding this will improve your investment outcome? Join us at JEN Wealth Management for the Smart Investor Coaching Program to understand the key psychological factors that prevent you from successful trading and become more successful in your future investment.

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van minh pham
van minh pham
22. 12. 2020

Thank you very much JWM, your topic is very crucial to anyone in any profession. Understanding psychological investing is one of the area that I am very interested in. Hope to learn more from your team!

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