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When reaching to age over 50, it is the time for you to plan your retirement. DON’T BE PANIC!

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

At 50 years of age, retirement planning will give you a clear picture of how financially prepared you are, whether your savings and investment are enough, if you are over or under insured and what steps you need to take. My Solution for you: Learning how to plan your retirement is an exciting journey! Again, investing in your own financial knowledge is worth doing. A professional financial advisor may assist you with retirement planning, but being able to plan by yourself will definitely a different story. The key components of Retirement Planning: 1. Which year will you retire? 2. How much you will have by the time of your retirement? 3. How do you boost your investment income? 4. What will be your social security benefits? 5. Health and Life Insurance arrangements 6. Estate Planning 7. Tax implications when you are retired 8. Retirement accommodation: Reverse mortgage, house down-sizing, retirement village or nursing home?

How we can help: In your personalised financial coaching sessions, you will be provided essential knowledge, skills and tools that will assist you in planning some aspects of retirement. You will be mentored one on one by our knowledgeable coach to ensure that your weakness areas are improved after the coaching sessions. Our coaching sessions will cover key aspects of retirement planning for you to learn. If you still need help when planning for retirement, contact us for a professional financial advisor's help who will go through all necessary options with you and make a comprehensive plan for you.

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Samir Nahas
Samir Nahas
07 jun. 2021

This is the most important aspect that we need to have professional who can look into and help


van minh pham
van minh pham
12 jan. 2021

Retirement planning is one of the important aspect of one's life. Which age do you think is the best time to start retirement planning?

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